Saturday, December 26, 2020

26 December

Back in the Keys after a week away, back at work. A few pictures to celebrate our cold windy sunny return.
I like the Transit Loop which used to be "Free and Frequent" and was then changed to require a dollar per ride so now the tourist buses traveling in an Old Town loop are simply "...and frequent."  Slightly odd looking.
I hope you will forgive my obsession with giant fronds drooping all over city fences. They are in my face and I cannot resist them, in the style of Edward Weston, an extraordinary photographer. I find myself attracted less to people than to still life pictures. I went the same way on vacation chasing shadows and shapes. Weston was a genius as a quick Google search will reveal.
Weston took pictures of banal objects, fruit, vegetables and still life, not to mention humans too, and rendered them extraordinarily abstract and yet simultaneously dense. I read a biography of Ansel Adams who crossed paths with Weston and ended up supporting him at the end of his life as the genius Weston was a photographer and didn't have the genius for publicity that made Adams a wealthy man and widely known  by the end of his life.
I have no facility for self promotion so I have a rather soft spot for Weston though I am glad my wife pushed me to get properly pensioned for the last stage of my life as living in a  van voluntarily seems infinitely preferable to being forced to do it by dint of circumstances. Not everyone is so lucky in these months of weird. and sudden change.
I wonder how cooks and chefs are making out across the country these days, the artists of the kitchen, many of whom find redemption from a  life of dissipation in cooking commercially. In the usual way our society lurches from fad to fad and for a while there cooking was the highest of social and artistic attainments. Now one has to wonder how the artists of cookery are making out in this viral recession. I can't help but think that losing a generation of chefs would be a huge loss, not just in terms of cooking but in the artistry involved in understanding our tastes pushing boundaries and creating beauty and peace at tables across the country. Well, not right now they aren't. Bummer.
I really like the way Key West looks with all the plant growth brought on by relatively cheap abundant piped water from the mainland. Old photos of Key West show much less ornamental shrubbery as rainwater was too precious to pour onto plants. This is a thoroughly modern scene:
Good to be back and wander.  Rusty is always happy to be home, but there again he doesn't have to go to work the idle bugger.