Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stephen Julius's Indian

I was taking pictures of this piece of machinery on Eisenhower Drive when a passer by, a non motorcyclist asked if I liked it. She was just being polite because she didn't wait for an answer but started fussing over my dog instead.

It's hard to say of I like the reborn Indian brand recently sold to the Canadian Polaris/Bombardier/Victory conglomerate. Indian went out of business in 1953 and came back to life decades later in Gilroy California and that failed after a while.

I was at school years ago with a child who has become a venture capitalist in adulthood reviving failed corporate "brands" and then after building it up selling it. His name trumpeted in the motorcycling press is Stephen Julius and if you have $35,000 to spare on a bone shaker you too can have one of these over priced pieces of nostalgia.

It's a pretty piece of work but the magazines report it shakes like a cement mixer and gets rather tiring.

But it is pretty. My Bonneville a nostalgia trip but at $8,000 my bike is decidedly a better value.

It is pretty though isn't it? I can't get away from it.

For those not amused by motorcycles, the philistines, here is a picture of my dog, resting from her labors.

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