Saturday, October 7, 2017

Clean Up

City Hall is looking spic and span these days despite the chaos in the city. 
 White Street Pier and the Aids Memorial less so. It's going to take a while for the crews to get around to cleaning the beaches and Higgs Beach streets. I hope the tourists are patient. Perhaps they can go and stare at the pristine city hall...
In the neighborhoods where they fit, that is to say New Town, these monsters have been scooping up mounds of leaves and sawed up trees:
One guy monitors the grabbing at ground level and the other one sits in a bucket seat and operates the arm. Pretty slick.
 In old town you couldn't fit one of these trains so clean up there will take longer.

It's a matter of closing streets here and there, setting up detours and plucking the stuff and shoving it into a much smaller truck. It will take longer.
 There's plenty of foliage to remove:
 This lot came bagged from a hotel:
 And yet, deliberately tossing garbage on the sidewalks still ticks me off. I know it's just force of habit but still. Is this necessary?