Thursday, November 14, 2019

Simonton Street

I really have been enjoying black and white shadows and light.

And some color slipped in among the flowers in front of Sarabeth's Restaurant.
I was strolling down Eaton Street allowing my glance to fall where it may. 1976  was a banner year apparently:
I titled this picture below as a walk on the wild side on my Instagram among the foliage surrounding the Methodist Church at Eaton and Simonton Streets.
Feet dragging scooter riders, a good way to limp the rest of your life if you damage any small bone in your foot:
This cyclist caught my attention when he was riding down the street with an arm held out rigidly at right angles to his body signifying an imminent left turn. It's the exact right thing to do but no one does it in Key West. Ducking and weaving is the cyclist way. His arm made him unusual:
Shadows and light everywhere!
Me, reflected:
The Federal Building whence will come my Social Security check one day!
Good riding weather on Simonton Street:
Good telephoning weather too:
Somehow I caught his blue shorts the blue door one picture.

A shady rooster on Rose Lane: