Sunday, May 11, 2014

From The Archives

From four years ago, a summer thunderstorm threatening.

Summer rains should be on us soon once again.


The Key West Cemetery is always photogenic.

And here we see the Eurostyle cubicle burial plots.

Yesterday's tour of Casa Marina did not include the coral rock house.

Four years have passed since this picture but not much changes for Cheyenne.

I used to spend a lot more time in the Old Town lanes.

If you use the search function at the top of the page you will find essays on all of them. Or at least most...

My outdoor pictures are inspired by the great Clyde Butcher who came to Key West.

I was at work but my wife got me an autographed copy of his book.

This summer we may get to go to North Carolina to see my sister in law.

The house and moving shenanigans prevent us from going to Italy to see my family.

Which is okay as I like Asheville.

And the inimitable Blue Ridge mountains.

Cheyenne loves the mountains but she doesn't much care for the Keys back country anymore.

She's seen all the trails she cares to and enjoys urban walks much more.

So we end this brief retrospective where we started, among the dead.