Saturday, November 8, 2014

Winter Time Sunshine

Shuffling the clock around with the odd logic of a leadership class that likes daylight early in the morning has had one beneficial effect: my dog gets to see daylight on her morning walk.
And I get to see some spectacular plays of sun and shadow and bright tropical colors.
This one is happily in the bag for another year:
Duval Street, the hub of tourist related, dust catcher commerce looks lovely with the sun low on the horizon.
McConnell's Irish bar on the 900 block of Duval is the nearest thing to the late lamented Finnegan's Wake formerly of Grinnell Street. It's a long way off though. I miss Finnegan's and the idea of getting used to a new place makes me grumpy. I need to get over it and try something new. Asperger's.

I really do like this early morning slant on sunlight.