Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunk, Almost

I saw tow trucks removing some barnacle encrusted boats from Boca Chica Bay recently. It costs hundreds of thousands to dispose of abandoned wrecks as fiberglass can't be easily recycled and is indestructible. Boating often loses it's glamor after a while and owners who thought they were sailors give up and walk away leaving the boats to fend for themselves which they don't do very well at all.

Oops, here's another one in Cow Key Channel this time.

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Alabama Jacks

Card Sound is an idea more than a reality, as there is nothing the at all except a restaurant and a toll booth on Card Sound Road designed to pay for the tall bridge sweeping gracefully over the waters of...Card Sound.

This is downtown Card Sound, a bar on a canal.

I took a stool canal side and admired the fish in the green soupy water.

Alabama Jacks is a funky Keys restaurant just inside the Monroe County line so here you are technically lunching in The Fabulous Florida Keys.

For a lot of visitors fresh off a jet plane this is a first stop on the their drive to Paradise. You can see why.

This place is friendly and funky and cultivates the Florida Keys image of laid back tropical fun.

Beer and sunshine and sparkly salt water is what the doctor ordered for a stressed out Northerner.

The Keys do not bring out the best in some people in public. "Hornymoon"? Really? Well, Billy and Joy Hardy I hope it went well for you and was properly memorable. Your defaced currency is still on display for all to see.

My food came promptly enough. fried is the order the day here and they have a mixed plate for two which I might have liked. As it was I ordered conch fritters, onion rings and fish bites and took some home as I over ordered anyway.

A quick photo opportunity on your way out to the ample parking lot.

And for day trippers from Miami it's time to head north. For bridge anglers and Keys vacationers it's time to fork over a dollar and cross the bridge.

Much more fun than taking the free 18 mile stretch to Key Largo on Highway One.

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