Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Going Boating

For some reason I've been watching boats and I've enjoyed it.
 Some while I've been out myself.
 Highway One bridge, not much clearance:
 I find driving power boats to be inherently boring- aim and go leaves little room for finesse:
 The lifts are quite the thing keeping boats safe from weather and salt water growth on the hull:
 In the US red markers on the way home should be on the right side of the channel. 
They are triangular and even numbered.
 Green ones are square and odd numbered.
Number 1 is at the destination while the highest numbers are furthest out at sea.
It's a simple and effective system monitored b y the US Coastguard.
 Robert's Salty Dog, unlike Rusty likes going out on Robert's catamaran:
 Lovely colors. 
 Not all Keys homes are modest affairs. Some have miles of docks.
 Robert uses whips to keep his 26-footer in tension away from the seawall. 
 I enjoy watching the parade of sailboats from shore. Sometimes on this hot summer days I miss it...
 ...but reality sets in with a jolt. It's a lot of work for not much exploration, coasting around countries.
 And fishing has never appealed to me.
 Commercial fishing is a tough life: