Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Wake For Finnegan's

Walking past the former Irish pub on Grinnell Street I looked in and saw the Book Of...Guinness just lying there. It seemed like a Sign, except I don't believe in signs, especially as the last rumor I heard had my favorite pub coming back as a Cajun Restaurant. Great; trade in Colcannon for jambalaya. Guinness for Abita. I love New Orleans, but not when it displaces Finnegan's Wake.
The exterior of the venerable pub looks much the same except cleaner and freshly painted. The Irish greeting, "a thousand million welcomes" or some such over the top Celtic greeting still dangles in the breeze. I'm not sure if it's preseverence is encouraging or an annoyingly drawn out farewell.
Finnegan's needed a clean up and I like how it looks now but I miss the pub.
The old website is still up for a touch of nostalgia.

I'm hoping for the best...and expecting the worst.