Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Still Life

I think I'm driving my co-workers mad and I think also I should regret it but I honestly don't. My scooter accident and near death moment have done me a power of good. I see life in bright colors, I know what I want and I have no time for moaning. I appreciate the colorful asinine quality of a vehicle disguised as a reef:
I was awake enough to spot the young photographer of the week picture and I snapped it quickly before she bounded to her feet and skipped away. I hope she gets an Instagram account if she lives the rest of her life with eyes wide open. I, the adult, get frustrated and annoyed like I ever did but I hear the inner voice much sooner reminding me of the good and the worthwhile that surrounds the negative moment.  
It's so easy to let stuff at work make you angry or moody but I just stopped listening. Unless it affects me directly I pretty much ignore it and inflict my cheery good mood on you. Sorry about that but this page has become my outlet to ignore the negative nellies. I heard from my colleagues about the massive number of hours of overtime they were working and they moaned piteously. So naturally as soon as I got back I offered to help cover shifts - by taking four hours strategically I could give them more nights off. The mechanics of it are tedious to explain but by working certain hours I could give everyone breaks and allow one person a night off overtime. Did they take me up on it? Hell no! Now when they moan about the overtime I turn to my Instagram and look at pretty pictures from around the world.
We live where everyone wants to visit except a few select curmudgeons and you know who you are. Yes I know Key West was much more livable and fun thirty of forty years ago but so was everywhere. We lucky few in dispatch earn a  living wage in a complicated town and I wish the youngsters I work with could figure that out for themselves. These tourists did a good job of dropping all pretense of being Up North and let their inner Caribbean out:
 And we all have to love pirates don't we? Hell yes!
On the subject of being saccharine happy I can't leave Rusty out. We have reconnected like before, even better my wife says. He sleeps with me when I take naps and fawns all over me mercilessly when I get home from work. My wife says he used to do that to her when I was in the hospital. 
The scene of the moaning, we work in air conditioned comfort seated in expensive 24 hour chairs with all manner of electronic equipment to help us pin point problems, and aren't we the lucky ones?
I guess even I needed a wake up call to remind me of that and I don't wish it on anyone. 
Happy New Year and don't be a grouch.