Monday, October 4, 2010

Wandering Elizabeth

If one wants to rent a place in Key West September and October are a great time to find a place, before the winter rush fills the city up. Rents aren't cheap though.Work to live and live to work. I'm guessing the electricity is included because there isn't a separate meter most likely. Or, if you have a spare $900,000 you could just buy your own place, a little further up Elizabeth Street. There's even a separate unit in the building one could rent out to help pay the horrendous mortgage. It all sounds rather pre-2008 when real estate was an investment, supposedly.I like the idea of these hurricane shutters for inaccessible windows. In summertime it's air conditioning all the way for most people and they don't need to throw windows open... My shutters are made of corrugated aluminum and I only put them up when a storm actually threatens. I have walkways all round my house so mine are easy to install.
The Key West library lurks on the corner of Fleming Street, daytime home to the dispossessed as well as those seeking videos and books and computer time. Patrons arrive on an array of bicycles.
I am fascinated by the human need to accumulate stuff. If us middle class people could pack all our crap onto a modest bicycle we would consider ourselves bereft. Though why the most mobile part of our community wants to burden itself with plastic bags filled with crap as they pedal from refuge to refuge I couldn't say.
Stuff is an anchor but an emotional reassurance too and hard to let go. The book drop looks hurricane proof: Some of us bring back oddities from distant travels. This porch ornament look Asian to me, perhaps Indonesian? I caught sight of it across Elizabeth Street from the library as Cheyenne wandered the library parking lot. It got me thinking.Perhaps it just came out of a papier-mache class at the college. The library is actually county property and a Sheriff's deputy gets a detail working here keeping order during the day.And the inevitable rooster even though pets are eschewed at the library.
A hurricane proofed shed.
The garden next to the library is a pleasant place to eat a sandwich when it's open.
Back on the street I spotted these skylight hatches apparently protected from cascading rain by tin eyebrows on the steeply pitched roof.
I may be horribly wrong but I think this is a frangipani flower. I hope mine does the same some day (thank you Tim in Seattle for the plant).
More crap laden bicycles, this time at the front of the library. Aside from the sheer boredom of being homeless the inability to put anything down must be exhausting.
This magnificent palm species deserves a place on North Roosevelt Boulevard alongside the controversial coconut palms. I wonder what it is?
People wonder at my pink Crocs. Fair enough, but let me wonder at the choice of a Salmon pink car. Perhaps it was purchased when the Prius was in huge demand and you got what you were given, Soviet style.
And, leaving Old Town, this picture that has nothing to do with anything on the Overseas Highway on Stock Island.

Scooter riders who drag their feet look stupid. And that is your unsolicited, opinionated, pointless comment for the day. Other bossy control freaks will nag on about people riding without the proper gear. I'll leave that to them. Those dragging feet irritate me.