Thursday, September 20, 2012

Washington Street, 1200 Block

It's not a huge sign but riding toward Sandy's cafe from the White Street pier the green and yellow sign belonging to the little church always stands out.

It's a traditional structure facing White Street shaded by large trees and almost out of sight.

They say Key West has more bars and churches per capita than any small town in America, damnation and redemption both to hand.

The church isn't that interesting at least from the outside but Washington Street looked inviting, so I walked under a hazy gray sky.

I was on my way to work so I was not accompanied by my yellow shadow, which was a shame as Cheyenne likes city walks.

This one would have suited her on an overcast day with lots of tree shade hanging over the street.

The area between White Street and First Street has been named Mid Town, in an effort to bridge the architectural changes between Old Town and it's narrow alleys and New Town and it's ranch bungalows and wide straight streets.

The hurricane shutters and covered cars reeked of snowbirds so I expect this block will be busy enough in a couple of months.

I enjoyed my brief stroll, lots of plants, neatly laid out, carefully tended. These re the details that make strolling the streets of Key West such a meditation for me.

It's like a Japanese garden except there are chickens in the middle of it looking cute and at the same time messingthings up.

I only managed to photograph the tail end charlies, but there was quite a number of chicks following the clucking hen through the bushes.

Symmetry and order, privacy and hedges on Washington Street.

An average street off mid town's main artery.

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