Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Things I See In The Woods

With a title like that who knows what I see in the woods, but I never see anything unusual. Odd but true, everything is as it should be.
I did see a Key Deer recently skulking around the end of Blimp Road. Federal wildlife officials say the screw worm outbreak that killed off dozens of deer is retreating but has been found now in Homestead. They think the flies were blown over from Cuba and may get blown onto the mainland as they can fly 90 miles in one hop. If they get to the cow herds of Central Florida there will be hell to pay. Mneahwile the herd of about 900 surviving deer are spreading across several islands in the Lower Keys.
Fat Albert was on the ground anticpating strong winds. The Air Force announced a while back they were relinquishing their last facility in the Keys but the weather people, NOAA said they would take up the slack for the $16 million balloon. Since then nothing much seems to have changed.
It's winter time now so spandex and bicycle helmets are everywhere.  It always amazes me how cavalier these winter visitors are with Florida traffic. I have been riding two (motorized) wheels down here for a very long time and I take nothing for granted. This lot...
...they just don't give a shit. As though it's not their flesh that will get grated if anything goes wrong. Drivers around here regularly fail to stay on these straight clearly marked roads. Why anyone would voluntarily put themselves in harm's way beats me.
 If there is a bike path they prefer not to use it, and if they want to occupy a travel lane at 15 mph they do. I don't even mind people who ride bikes as they take one car off the streets but because I ride motorcycles I know that riding as though you own the road will end badly for you. And then they surprise you in the bushes...Mind you, these two got a surprise of their own when Rusty popped out to see who was daring to talk to me during my quiet time.
 Have telephoto, will take pictures and there were birds preening and posing.
The book says they are Greater Egrets with that odd curve in their necks.
 A blue heron (I think).
 An osprey taking off:
 You can see the odd curve in the egrets' necks here:
 The heron made a half-move as though ready for flight...
 Rusty isn't interested in birds:
 Oh and winter is also time for the black shadows called Turkey buzzards or vultures:
Circling overhead looking for death.