Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Full Moon Sunrise

It's starting to be summer in the Keys, the air is hot and thick in the middle of the day and my dog gets tired too easily. So we walk more in the morning when it still feels cool.

Luckily the mornings are cooperating and the skies put on quite a spectacle for my Labrador and I when we stroll around the Ramrod Pool, an informal county park located around a human made tidal inlet on the north shore of the island.

But then, last weekend, we had a full moon and the early morning darkness when I got home after work was illuminated by silver light all over the place.

I played with the camera a bit, in color... sepia mode....

...and black and white before going back to color for a look out across the waters of Niles Channel at the twinkling lights of Summerland Key.

I fail to take these spectacles for granted and wonder at anyone that can. It is true that if there weren't an eager Labrador to satisfy I would be tucked up in bed. As it is Cheyenne's needs must be met and I get to enjoy the view. This sunrise was quite full and I snagged this picture a couple of mornings before the full moon.

With enough of a breeze to keep Cheyenne moderately chilled and the mosquitoes at bay, this is an entrancing spot at seven in the morning.

She roots around the bushes and I get to stand around and watch, and I have to admit that after a might spent sitting up and taking 911 calls it gets a bit wearisome.

Not for her. In winter she loves to be out anytime of day, but now she retreats to the air conditioning. The entire east coast had a particularly mild winter this year, including the Keys, where we never saw temperatures below sixty (15c).

Some days Cheyenne gets bored out here in the mangroves and we stop on the way home to take an urban walk among the homes.

I prefer the wilderness.

But this is Cheyenne's time and she gets what she wants.

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