Saturday, August 24, 2013

Morning Thunder

Summer is rainy season, and rainy season is thunder and lightning season.

It's cloudy season when the skies are filled with drama. Frequently you wake to cloudless skies and by the time breakfast plates are washed wind rain and gray skies fill the kitchen window.

And when it all dies down as it does in a hurry the seas go flat and the horizon disappears.

Back on Earth the commuters are rolling every morning but on those days when rain falls or threatens to fall the motorcycles evaporate. I'm not sure why, but it's warm even in the rain and the modest challenge of riding in the wet is rewarded by the clearing skies and sunshine.

Cheyenne isn't that fond of walking in the rain. Shell go out on the porch, look around, and turn back. Suits me.

Rainy season is hot and humid season and we all feel it to a greater or lesser degree.

Did I mention I like the cloud drama of rainy season?