Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Christopher Columbus!

We decided my wife and I to limit our northernmost point on this trip so instead of Cleveland as originally planned we decided to change direction in Columbus which it turns out is north of Cincinnati. So our journey on Monday was a mere 120 Miles across rolling fields of corn and soy. Postponing laundry till later we went into town to explore the North Market. 

This is a hip neighborhood in the state capital with restoration and twee shopping opportunities. Suitable for black and white Art. 

When Trader Joe’s first came to Santa Cruz, California, decades ago, my best friend and dock neighbor in the marina kept showing up with weird beers and delicious sauces. He warned me off his shopping addiction “It’s packed with crap you just don’t need -and it’s all so cheap!” Rick said. 

You can’t say that about North Market in Columbus. Cheap I mean not least because the food on sale is first rate with all the right ingredients to satisfy a millennial foodie. 

Locally sourced of course with preference to Ohio farmers. 

And stuff from around the world. 

My wife found oils she’s not see before, a ginger infusion as I recall and vinegar flavored with berries and stuff. Lots of banter and chatting while I wandered off. 

You expect Polish in this part of the world but Hubert never expected us to have been to Poland. I think talking about hiking the Tatras made his day. His cheese ball things made ours later, for dinner. 

Mind you, give the chance to eat weird who would say no. Nepalese dumplings anyone? 

I haven’t got over my cold yet so alcohol was off but this place is civilized, give them that. 

Rusty was in the car (with the air) so we hurried back with our loot. Time for a walk where I found evidence of the abundance of the market: 

Can’t dilly dally...

...locating solitary scooters and walking the park...

But laundry doesn’t wash itself. 

Not quite done with Ohio but West Virginia is the target now east of here, not north.  My wife says there is the world’s largest gavel, world’s largest cuckoo clock and the world’s largest teapot in our future. Now would I joke about that?