Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wandering Triumph

( BBC Picture)
When I took my pictures yesterday morning the weather forecasters were threatening deep snow everywhere along the mid Atlantic states. No such luck down here. It was windy though.I left my wife at home working on her computer with Cheyenne's big brown eyes following me out the door. I had a date with the Bonneville.
I am looking forward to the beginning of January when things are supposed to get back to normal; things like commuting, working and snatching time to be with my wife. All this time off and holiday stuff confuses me. Of course having been off with shingles didn't help much either and i wanted to see how sitting on the motorcycle felt after all this time.

It felt cold was how it felt. The wind was honking out of the north and the giant flag at the Ohio Key campground was proof of that:
This is the time of year this place starts to fill up with snowbirds who drive their $250,000 RVs and park here for the winter. Instead they are advertising vacancies for the first time, that I've seen. You too could rent an annual space.
And it seems they even allow dogs. Cool. It was rather cool and windy but I wasn't the only motorcycle out on the Overseas Highway.
With winds gusting to thirty miles an hour it wasn't surprising to see more speed freaks out on the flat waters, sail boarding this time:It was fun being out on the Trumpet once again. My shingles are still itching like crazy but I want to get back to normal and riding the Bonneville will be normal again soon I hope. I love this view from the middle of the bridge between Big Pine and No Name Keys. The slight rise in the middle of the bridge gives a perspective one doesn't often get in these flat islands. I stopped in the middle of the bridge with no traffic in sight and snapped a few pictures.
This stilt under the stilt house caught my eye. I thought the paint was nice but the tile mosaic gave it something a lot more interesting.
And not too far away I found a boat dumped on the edge of the roadway, just like that. Nice no?
I got home, ran up the stairs and my wife greeted me with the words: " Your dog..."when the emphasis is on the your it's clearly a transgression. Cheyenne confirmed my suspicion by nuzzling me desperately as I learned how "my" dog had tried to steal my wife's peanut butter sandwich. That'll teach me to take a moment to go ride the Bonneville in the sun and wind!