Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Golden Hour

Photographers call it the Golden Hour and you can sort of see why.  I am not a huge fan of sunrise and sunset pictures because I suspect I am not as good at them or committed as others who post extravagant bursts of color. In a moment of whimsy I put my hand above the lense and tried something a bit different. To my jaundiced eye it looked different or weird. 
I like looking at sunsets, they give me that feeling of clam that comes from appreciating the fact I've made it through one more day but trying to make an interesting picture...!
From time to time Rusty loves to run alongside the back roads for a change, sticking his head in the shrubbery, backtracking and chasing scents. Which gives me time to look around and enjoy being in the silence of a forested desert.
The moon is waxing, half full and full of light in the early hours, a big white half disc in the evening as it closes in on the full moon. I like a full moon even though it blots out the stars at night.
And I don't mind wool gathering either, spotting a weird shaped cloud, this one reminded me of a horseshoe crab. 
Then I wandered off road for a few feet and found some crocodile skin wrapped around a branch. Well, it looked like a reptile.
How Rusty finds joy in this under brush I don't know. 
I did get just a bit bored waiting for him to get his fill of the smells and I tried using the color selector in the camera. 
With darkness falling and all cars tucked up for the night I might have been on the dark side of the moon. The wind was whistling past my ears like it does when you are in a wide open space, and Rusty was panting as you do when you have had a good walk, all was well with the world. Sort of.
Long miles of emptiness. To passers by it probably looks like social distancing and responsible exercise. To me it is another day of the kind of social isolation that helps me get past another twelve hours of waiting for 911 calls.  
For Rusty? Its what he lives for.