Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cheyenne On Duval

I am getting very sentimental about my Labrador. She is going to be 14 this month at some indeterminate date, as the SPCA wasn't specific when I got her in 2009. It's been a good long retirement for her after a rather rough first half with the less than sympathetic people who dumped her at the pound when they had no more use for her.  
I have had lots of use for her since I picked her up on that distant December day. She has always been a  quirky dog, useless at cuddling and always determined to know whats best for her I have usually found myself trailing along behind her hoping she doesn't find me to be too much of a bore.
I bring her into town on mornings when I haven't been working the night before but where we used to roam for two hours nowadays she is ready to get in the car after half an hour. The funny thing is she knows how to measure her walks and miraculously she finds her way back to wherever we parked the car when she's ready to climb in. I guess we have walked these streets a lot over the years but I never cease to be astonished by her ability to coordinate her exhaustion with her location. Amazing dog. 
 She is generally very cooperative when I want to take a picture and she'll pause as I play with the camera. Here I stopped to get a picture of the Spa at the the top of La Concha. Below I paused in wonder at a shop that treats your skin with diamonds. Who believes this crap? I figure there really must be one born every minute for them to make money.
And then home. A the top of the stairs I noticed my bougainvillea was blooming, the first time ever I have failed to kill that very hardy plant.
I am always filled with an unreasoning tenderness when I watch her stump up the stairs one at a time, no pauses no slowing down. Sometimes after a long walk I offer to carry her and very rarely she agrees, but usually she backs up a step and forces me to let her do it her way. 
Mostly she sleeps on the tile but sometimes she lets herself go and indulges herself on her water bed. 
What maniac didn't want this dog anymore?