Friday, July 1, 2016

Up The Hill On Petronia

An Italianate villa on Petronia just to remind us that architecture in Key West is as varied as anything.
I am not sure if Rusty has been holding out on me and can actually read.
Petronia Street looking west toward Duval.
If you look hard this place on the corner of Center Street isn't really that attractive but, aside from the closed off door-to-nowhere which gives it a slight air of mystery the greenery makes all pedestrian places look good.
Include a dog in your day to make it better if you ask me. Solares Hill climbed we caught our breaths 16 feet above sea level, Rusty and I. This church puts me in mind of the Caribbean not surprisingly.
Key West in a nutshell; modest home and two wheelers, powered and pedal. All you need:
Same again at the bottom of the hill on Elizabeth Street.