Monday, May 14, 2012

300 Block Fleming

There is a little rump of Fleming Street wedged between Truman Annex, the gated community, and Whitehead Street at Mile Marker Zero on Highway One.

This little corner of downtown Key West is county property, with the court house and some county administrative buildings and the old jail, shown above.

This odd little structure appears to be either a private dwelling or an unmarked office. Either way I don't much care, I just like the curves on the outdoor staircase.

Around the back there's the main post office, that much maligned institution that suddenly means everything when threatened with closure.

Of course nobody is threatening to close the main post office of a city of 23,000 people but our leaders keep telling us we can't even afford a fully fledged postal service anymore. I wonder how it is that civilization is supposed to keep going in the face of all this cutting and slashing.

Stop. What a good idea. Do nothing for a bit. Just sit and be. Human being not human doing.

In the event that doesn't work for you look no further than a law firm to get you justice, or at least compensation.

And that requires a bank account. Luckily my local bank can afford this prime piece of real estate to install an automated teller machine machine.

ATM machine.

Up the road, Fleming Street actually, lies Duval and all the fleshpots. Also requiring mucho ATM machine.

Here it is, the end of the road. Or the beginning.

This used to be the end of the road for quite a few people.

It got over crowded and they built a new jail on Stock Island. Unlike the postal service that's a facility never threatened with closure. That service unfortunately we cannot afford to be without.

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