Saturday, July 25, 2009

Seventeenth Street

A while back a reader asked about the wide street in New Town which could only be 17th Street, shown here at it's northern tip looking towards the Gulf of Mexico, between Niles GM dealership to the right and the Travel Lodge Hotel to the left in the distance: It is very wide thoroughfare, more like two one way streets in opposing directions, with what they would call Neutral Ground in New Orleans- a median strip in the middle: One might imagine the temptation to attain illegal speeds on this wide street might be irresistible: Despite its appearance as that of a broad avenue, 17th Street is actually a neighborhood and peopleit seems take the time to play here:
With afternoon temperatures hitting about 91 degrees (35C) it seems a bit on the warm side for pedalling but I am it appears, in something of a minority on the subject: And here I found a Harley, yes yet another Harley on the streets of Key West. Zero for originality, though the cover has a certain Bohemian chic: The first house shown here, a modest three bed, one bath bungalow with 1240 square feet of space and a swimming pool is on offer for a cool half million dollars. In 2009 no less: In a space filled with grass this sign is to e expected, along with the box of plastic bags below it:
This dog walker was quite the sight; she with a heavily bandaged arm, the dog limping heavily on it's front paw, both out enjoying the sunshine:
The southern end of 17th Street dead ends abruptly into Donald Avenue, and commuters on electric mopeds, currently all the rage:
And thus we leave bifurcated 17th Street at it's southern end, with a glimpse of water, a pond among the mangroves that separate this piece of land from Ponciana Housing across the way. It's not the open ocean but it is a water view.