Sunday, February 2, 2014

A New Marina

Last weekend they had a grand opening at a new Marina on Stock Island. Cheyenne's sudden illness prevented us going with friends on Saturday but we went Sunday afternoon after we went yo see a matinee of Gravity, an astonishing 3D movie showing at the Tropic Cinema. The movie was well worth it, the Marina less so.

The new Stock Island Village Marina had a grand opening last week with flyers everywhere exuding enthusiasm for a wonderful new nautical community that is coming into being on a Shrimp Road. By the time we got there Sunday afternoon the festivities were packing up and the Marina seemed yo be fully functional already.

Not all slips are filled but quite a few are. Stock Island Marina Village sells itself as cool hip and youthful.

It has floating docks and all manner of amenities, a dog walk, a gym (closed to the public on the grand opening) stores, tons of parking picnic tables and so forth. All that a modern marina resident might want except perhaps a swimming pool?

Stock Island Marina Village | Key West & Florida Keys Deep Water Marina is a place where everyone knows your name which doesn't seem like much of a thing to someone like me who likes his privacy...

I suppose it can only be a good thing to see more recreational slips opening up especially as this Marina is interested in liveaboards and visitors but I am surprised they see a large enough market to support yet another facility on. Stock Island. All to the good I suppose!