Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Truman Waterfront

There is so much overhead drama in south Florida, in the sub tropics, in summer. Gorgeous piles of clouds, winds, rains and sunshine. Seen here from Truman Waterfront where it seems change is coming.
The city has a few plans to make changes after a decade and a half of ownership after the Navy let go of these 34 acres. What will actually happen here has yet to be decided but something is imminent.
The old Navy warehouse and the World War Two veteran, US Coastguard Cutter Ingham are still here and the ship offers beer and wine and sunset views on weekends, a pleasant alternative to Mallory Square.
These cement power poles painted  a startling shade of yellow are the second sign of change. What their ultimate destination is I have no idea. I am intrigued, I wait to see with baited breath.
There has been some landscaping near the parking area and construction fencing has gone up near the entrance to Fort Zachary Taylor State park. Apparently the somewhat bizarre path traced by the entrance drive to the park is to be re-routed and made more rational as the park layout is designed. Currently the driveway follows the path dictated for it when it was l;aid out snaking between segments of the navy Base. 
The thing about parks in Key West is that bums, true die hard street people, not just crazy or lazy people but hobos who travel down in winter for "the season," have a death grip on public seating in Key West. Because very time someone suggests an amenity for a park the neighbors shout them down as being liable to attract nuisance residentially challenged people.
So we find ourselves in the preposterous position of having gorgeous spaces around town rendered practically unusable for want of a table and bench. To me it is a case of a city cutting off its nose to spite its face.
I know this is a consideration for planners as they move forward with the planned transformation of this beautifully unmolested open space. Homeless issues are always taken into consideration in Key West for just about everything.
Plus this chunk of 34 acres, more than the 27 of Sunset Key, is already attracting then high end developer crowd. They want to turn it into a country club. Great.
Personally I like it the way it is but I am with the crowd that wants to see a real park, fruit trees, farmer's market, a place for peace and contemplation. But there we are, that will never happen. 
The whimsy of Truman Waterfront will burst into some properly controlled space and I doubt Rusty will be free to gallivant as he is now.