Thursday, October 25, 2018

Friends Absent Speak

I have been postponing this entry but it has finally dawned on me that I could postpone this forever and that would not yet be time enough. There was indeed one new mail arrival yesterday at home. My wife was unable to decipher the sender  but whoever sent me a copy of The Yearling thank you very much. I keep receiving get well mail and at some point I need to express appreciation to  you thoughtful kind people.  Today is the day to say THANK YOU! 

You will know who you are and I know who you are who sent me the cards illustrated here and I am extremely glad you made the effort and thought of me. 

I blame Rusty for the dog theme. 

Though other animals appear too, slothfully...

My attention span is suffering from my closed quarters life but I have received all manner of books. They are ready to be read and I shall enjoy them. They will be good memories of a tough time. 

Look at all this stuff. Fantastic. Nan who used to work with my wife sent me the coloring book. A laugh per page and a few I didn’t know. 

A box of cookies from the baker Sheila in Key West. Someone I have actually met.  Very sweet. 

My wife got the flowers but I’ve been here so long I now have a plant - thank you Carol. 

Glenn in Colorado wrote back to me, faster now he has my current address. 

I’m ploughing on with the first book I received from Meg Cabot a Key West writer I’ve never met. A great read about teenage tenacity. 

Friends and strangers write to me. It is heartwarming. I had no idea so many people read my page with such close interest. So many letters and notes start by telling me I don’t know who the author is but they have been reading my page for years. I am touched. Very much. 

I have held on to books I can dip in to.  Poetry and humor I have bedside but I am cruising through one novel at a time 

An indecipherable envelope came from Wales which, since I left the UK has developed its own language confusing dinosaurs like me. POST AWYR. Air Mail maybe? Luckily the contents was a very sweet letter in old fashioned English and thank you for the kind thoughts. I urge you and anyone else to contact me when you return to the Keys. 

This next one was a book I bought myself and have it on Kindle. It is a harrowing read explaining the origins of the opioid epidemic about which many headlines are being written and which will soon be forgotten as the next crisis catches the fancy of our creators of public opinion. It is a fast flowing narrative illuminated by intimate portraits of the addicts, the dealers, the front line medical people stemming the tide but at the same time it puts the pharmaceutical company and the family that has made a fortune from painkillers uncomfortably into the spotlight. Recently the President announced an initiative on the problem and having read this book I understood our leaders have once again missed the salient points of what needs to be done. The Obama administration was no better. An excellent read and worth your time and money. 

My sister in Scotland sent me a book of Irish poetry. Nice to dip into one poem at a time. 

This ones next on the reading list and it looks to be fun. Then my buddy Robert sent me a book of real life sailing adventure which will follow this one...

I have a bit of a reputation for interrupting therapy by receiving mail. You can see why, as envelopes are a constant stream: 
This was an early arrival. The message remains valid. Very much so. 

My wife uses the phone to keep in touch:

More stuff from my Scottish sister whom I am so glad I went to visit last Spting, and with whom I made a strong connection after years apart. My Italian sisters amaze. They call a couple of times a week to check on progress.  I’ve never been in the hospital and I think this mess shook them up. They are very much on my team. Near death has given us all I hope an appreciation for life.  Hug your loved ones. 

Here’s Luis the Argentine bringing me mail. Since he found out my Italian ancestry he greets me in Italian as he walks past my room. Tons of Italians emigrated to Argentina. Sometimes Spanish speakers mistake me for an Argentine when I mangle Spanish with my Italian accent. Very confusing for whoever I am attempting to address in my far-from-Castilian EspaƱol. 

Thank you all.  I am overwhelmed by your kindness and attention. I can’t believe anything less than the very loud message you have sent that you care. It spurs me on to live a better life.  I will make sure I surround myself by those of you who seek joy and good cheer. 

I trust when I am back on my feet you will seek me out when you are in the Keys and train me to come out of my shell. I’ve made  mistakes and one of the biggest is not understanding how much my little internet page means to you. I will redouble my efforts when I can get on my feet. I promise.