Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cheyenne And The Blimp Road Ramp

I hadn't been up Blimp Road on Cudjoe Key in a while.

I had already walked Cheyenne but I had time to spare so I took the dog up to the end of the road to take a look at the Gulf of Mexico.

Blimp Road is a long straight road that heads dead due north from the Overseas Highway near Mile Marker 22.

It's mostly undeveloped water and mud and mangrove around here.

And long views out across the water.

I have no idea what that foamy stuff is that washes up on beaches everywhere but I guess it's some sort of frothed up seawater.

The boat ramp at then end of the road is a simple affair built up wo sacks of cement it seems.

Shallow water bathing is Cheyenne's specialty. Happy Dog Alert.

The end of the road just dips into the water, buttressed by some loose bags of rock hard cement.

I really do like these views. It's not mountainous but it has it's appeal.

Amanda in the BVI walks with me when I wear my pink Crocs that she mailed me. Read her blog.

In the distance I could see another place I haven't been in a while. Tarpon Belly Key is a lump of actual rock and dirt that used to house a shrimp farm years ago and lives on as assorted lumps of cement on the two little islands. It's a fine spot to camp if you have a boat. And a tent.

Cheyenne and I sat and looked at the water for a while.

The reason this street is called Blimp Road is because the is an Air Force Base almost at the end which houses a blimp flying in the sky scanning the Straits of Florida for unauthorized boats and planes approaching Florida.

Oops, there's Fat Albert spending sixteen million of your dollars every year to keep Haitians and drugs away.

I like Blimp Road.

It's not a long drive nor a challenging one, but it's worth it.

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