Monday, December 24, 2018

Winter Dog Walk

This is the time of year my Instagram account is all gummed up with pictures of things  Christmas.  
They post pictures of snow and sleighs, wreaths and eggnog and all that stuff. 
Me? I'm out in the sunshine and temperatures lately under 80/27 degrees, fresh cool breezes, sharp colors and dark shadows. Lovely. 
I was playing with some filter settings on my "big camera" at the Hawk Missile Farm, a relic of the Cuban confrontation of the 1960s. Time, as you can see has taken its toll rendering metal sheet as thin as lace. 
And then there is the sepia setting as well, always worth a picture or two to pass the time.
The great thing about these pictures is that they were taken while Rusty my companion was off sniffing here and there just like we used to in the good old days before I had to go to the hospital for three months. 
When he came to see me in bed in rehab I promised him I would be up and about once again, before he knew it and I have kept my word. Even if the photo below shows how it is I get around these days:
"Young and reckless." That was me once. I'm still trying to maintain that status. 
You can see the wind effects on the salt ponds shown below which separate the public Little Hamaca Park where I was from the secure airport runway shown below:
I have been reading about how a drone operator in Sussex, England shut down London/Gatwick airport for a couple of days wrecking travel plans for more than a hundred thousand would-be passengers. People are idiots and at last report I heard they made an arrest which leads me to hope they throw away the keys for the moron that did that. 
Our connection to the outside world, for those not driving:

I saw a nice representation of Yuletide red and green in seagrape leaves on Instagram and my best efforts to reproduce that brilliant idea are less than...brilliant!

Rusty, a micro dot resting in the former paintball field at the end of Government Road:

I wish all those struggling with dark gray skies, snow rain or ice the best of luck but I prefer this absence of seasons, thank you.