Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Clouds

It's the little things that please me some days. A ride to work yesterday got me thinking about the week of rain and gray skies we've been heaving, strong winds and sudden downpours. Then, as soon as it's my weekend to work there are the blue skies and puffy white clouds. 
 We  swam in our canal and chatted with a neighbor who told us of suddenly getting drenched last night in Key West. "One thunderclap," he said and the heavens opened. Everyone at the High School graduation at Tommy Roberts stadium got soaked, totally and instantly. Ah, I thought to myself as I floated on my back and stared at the sky, summer is here.
 I stopped at Sugarloaf School for a minute to enjoy the sky, a collection of white puffy piles of cloud and wisps of cloud hanging like veils.
Some rain sprinkled as I got back on the Vespa and, mindful of my six pm start time, made tracks toward Key West 17 miles away. I watch the windshields of oncoming traffic if I have any concern that I should stop and put on my Frogg Toggs. If I see the oncoming cars clearing their windshields with their wipers I figure the rain is likely to be getting heavier.  If its daytime and I'm in Flatistan the rai ahead is often quite obvious. Yesterday evening it was clear rain was not likely.

Further up the road I couldn't resist stopping and taking a souvenir of the ride, in to work with me.