Sunday, January 14, 2018

Key West

I was talking with a friend the other day, last Wednesday actually, and I asked him if he thought much about Hurricane Irma and his decision, like mine, to stay behind when the evacuation order was given. He said he doesn't give it a thought, the storm is now history in his mind. He doesn't leave town very much so Key West, which was tidied up rapidly to restart tourism and get the money flowing is pretty much the same as ever.  
There is much debate as to how much and what sort of tourism the city should be promoting. This is one of those winter debates that arise every year as the I-got-miners appear for the winter and want to pull up the drawbridge behind them. It is heavy tourist season right now but I am intent on enjoying the return of crisp cool air now that we are having another powerful cold front blow through town. Crisp is putting it mildly. 55 by night is cold around here. The tourists from Up North think it's  warm enough for short sleeves and flip flops.
I saw a band aid on a tree root. I had no idea what to make of it: an accident, performance art or a political statement...I have no idea.
The homeless are a constant reminder that the weather is exceptional around here. Pictures of snow Up North left me wondering how the homeless and outside dogs coped. Our permanent homeless crowd cope okay as most of them don't like the strictures of the free overnight shelter on Stock Island and camp around town, often quite skilfully hiding. During the day it's harder to move them on as anyone, even smelly disheveled people can legally hang out. She looks extremely uncomfortable but she is actually just deranged. Key West has lots of help for people that are in need but long term hospitals for people who can't look after themselves  have slipped into that realm of the once upon a time and no more. So we trip over the poor things with not a clue what to do.
Had the Netflix show Bloodline run it's proper length the stories so ably set out in Season One would be starting to wrap up. It was set in the Upper Keys but I thought it was one of the better representations of life in the Keys. I'd like to think I'd vote for the other guy if Rayburn was running for Sheriff: that was a family we like to watch not live with...
 Key West, a good place to wander and look:

 Not forgetting Rusty, as joyous company as ever: