Van Life Early Days


From our home in the Lower Keys we asked Custom Coach Creations in DeLand to buy and build our Ram Promaster 3500 and turn it into our camper. They gave us everything we  wanted in a solid package for $90,000 roughly split evenly between the cost of the van and the cost of the interior build.  That's the short version but I am wordy so there are all details below, as many as you can stand to read!  
This page is a collection of essays in chronological order explaining our choices and describing the build and our early testing of the idea of retiring and living in a van. These trips were undertaken with the idea that in 2022 we would drive out of our sub tropical comfort zone to Alaska (in summer). Click on the link and page back to return here for more as long as you like.

The Idea September 2019

The Van Design March 2020 

The Finished Van June 2020

Why The Name "Gannet 2"  July 2020

A Day In Miami July 2020

July 4th 2020 Trip to Ocala National Forest

Summer Vacation: "Shake Up Cruise" July/August 2020

First Van Vacation Conclusions:

Day Trip August 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

January 2021

February 2021

October 2021