Wednesday, October 12, 2016

West Summerland Key

I am too ornery; I just can't get into calling this lovely island by it's new name of Scout Key. 
It is doubly ironic in as much as there is a camp on West Summerland Key called Camp Wesumkee for girl scouts so in an attempt to be nice they renamed West Summerland for them: even though their camp is named for West Summerland Key.
This (below) is the remains of the pump station built in 1942 to help pump fresh water to the numerous military in Key West in World War  Two.
And this is the view with the pump station to the right:
And Rusty, a brown spot in the grass nursing a twisted ankle as it turned out:
I carried him half a mile back to the car and a couple of days later he was back to normal. I'm sure the muscle relaxers helped.

The hero, resting comfortably: