Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The New Reality

When I call this the new reality I refer to countryside ravaged and burned by strong winds and powerful waves. Yet the sun still shines and twinkles on the waters surrounding this thin strip of land we call home.
I've been photographing this  mangrove for years and I keep hoping it will come back so I can keep trying to get the picture that eludes me. I'm not sure what that picture is but I know it's not this stick figure representation of a red mangrove. 
As was before the storm:

Rusty makes the best of what he finds and he was off hunting wherever he thought there might be something of interest. And he looked for whatever shade he could find, it was that hot despite the breeze.
Hurricane Irma has  uprooted almost everything, though wherever there are roots planted some few leaves appear. 
 This seawall used to be lined with trees.
Like this; with a carpet of uprooted seaweed floating in front, pushed there by the relentless winds:
Despite he damage from the 140 mph  winds a few visitors are still to be seen poking around the rocks at the water's edge. 
I wonder if they wonder what it was like before, so shady it was a haven for illegal campers:
Off shore I saw what appeared to be a wrecked boat being moved. The newspaper says more than one hundred wrecks have been pulled out of the Keys waters so far.
And this sailboat, slightly indistinct was a mere speck to my naked eye, such is the magnification power of my Lumix FZ300 camera telephoto
And a few intrepid visitors made the walk out to he end of the lump of dirt that rises to meet the old rail bridge to Bahia Honda. This past weekend the stat park reopened to the public despite the damage which looks from what I can tell, rather like the scorched earth at this end of the bridge. I was surprised to read of Bahia Honda's opening but I'd like to make the effort to go for a visit and see the state of the state park for myself.
 This is of course the old bridge, crumbling but still standing.
I doubt I shall ever see it again like this: