Friday, July 7, 2017

Truman Waterfront

The new 33 acre park is sort of taking shape slowly at Truman Waterfront. The new entrance to Fort Zachary Taylor state park is up and running as seen below. The footbridge above connects the Navy Base with the Navy's property at the Navy docks  known as "The Outer Mole" on the other side of the huge wide road leading to the park.
The thing that struck me about this new park is how much of it will be paved over. Showing these pictures to friends they said it doesn't look like Key West, "...more like Orlando." And it's hard to disagree. Check out the vast roundabout below:
I think traffic circles are a great way to keep traffic moving instead of lights or stop signs but that one is a waste of space. The amphitheater which is a huge bone of contention in the city is getting built, much closer to the waterfront thank I realized. There is much concern over parking, traffic and noise levels from a concert venue all the way out to the waterfront:
 The pavement theme continues, with one pedestrian sidewalk, two broad bike paths and a huge swath of travel lane for cars. It's a Roman road:
The old entrance to the park sits forlorn and awaiting final removal. What happens to this land I'm not sure but at the moment it's outside the Navy fence.
 The old Navy warehouse building is still there but as you can see there is plenty of paving going on.
 Paving everywhere.
I am going on vacation next week until August so I will look forward to see what this looks like when I get back from my European tour. Posts here will change a  bit in content and regularity and  I will also be putting up pictures on my Instagram account, if Turkey and Italy are of interest. Rusty stays with friends and I shall miss him horribly, right now I am trying not to feel guilty leaving him behind. Till then enjoy your summer!