Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Southernmost Prayer And Faith Center

I am very fond of this creamy white building on Fleming Street at William.I know almost nothing about it except it is also known to some as the four door church owing to a previous design. It was knocked down by a hurricane at the beginning of the 20th century and was rebuilt in this fortress style. It is quite the landmark.
And -praise the Lord!- the doors were open.
I hitched my dog to a convenient down pipe and went for a wander and meditation." prosper, increase and have good success." A vision statement for a church that includes those thoughts brings a smile to the lips of an unbeliever like me. There may only be one God, they tell us but s/he goes by many different names.
It was decidedly pleasant to sit indoors in the peace and quiet of this refuge, no sounds from outside on a sleepy Fall afternoon.
For some reason the church was absolutely littered with little boxes of paper handkerchiefs. Happily the used ones were nowhere to be seen. These are the Stations of the Cross, entirely familiar to a lapsed Catholic as myself. The air conditioning was cranking away most delightfully, though I did feel a pang for the heathen Cheyenne sitting on the sidewalk (in the shade) outside.
I never did understand why God's other creatures weren't welcome into His home. Note the handkerchief box in the picture below. Those things were everywhere.A ten minute pause and it was time to get back out into the blazing afternoon heat outside.
Dog Is My Co-Pilot.
The pause that refreshes.
An entirely enjoyable and unexpected stop at Fort Zinderneuf.