Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wooded New Town

Sirugo Avenue is hard to find, but it's a block east of White Street, south of Laird Street, if that helps. I was riding around town on my bicycle for a change. I brought the bike to town on my car rack, left the Nissan Maxima at the Police station and made my rounds of a few streets I'd planned to photograph.This resident was out picking up trash that someone had dumped in defiance of the sign. His t-shirt read "Save the Planet, Ride Old Wood" which it seems is the motto of a longboard manufacturer in Key West...building surfing longboards from salvaged wood. Who knew?
Sirugo is just a block long and it is lined by homes covered with greenery:
All these palms take work to look after, I sympathize as I had three bins of fronds at my own home this week with lots more to come:It was a breezy afternoon and the palm trees were waving back and forth:
In a different vein I saw a manufactured home, pink in color, high upon stilts. Large areas of New Town (the area east of White Street) was subject to flooding in Hurricane Wilma in 2005 resulting in a great deal of damage. Stilts suddenly started to look good to people who could afford them. A banana plant provides nice color contrast to the startling pink:
This is recycling of a different order, surplus coconuts are easy to find when you have just a few mature trees:Sirugo Avenue dead ends, but there is a street to turn off onto, called Atlantic Drive, much less lush than Sirugo:This house is for sale for anyone who wants some greenery and a nice high wall.
And it's right next to Indigenous Park which I wrote about here: .A bird sanctuary for a neighbor on street filled with trees and no Historic Architecture Review to deal with. Sounds perfect.