Friday, May 13, 2016

Postcards From The Keys

You live among the islands and the habit seems to become that of a non-observer, as though the beauty of the place should only be admired and enjoyed by visitors. I find that my dog and my camera keep the perspectives fresh. I took this picture of a palm bending in the strong east wind and by giving it a filter I suddenly turned it into a postcard from the fifties. I live around coconut palms all the time, they flap outside my deck, but everyday there is a new way to see.

In black and white the pines of Big Pine Key become shadows against a menacing skies.

I find these signs odd, at best. With the best will in the world who would decide to press into this tangle of briars to trespass? So we see these ugly plastic calls to inaction hammered into trees. Truly ugly in both sentiment and appearance.

Sunrise at Veteran's Park produces its own postcards. The only people at the beach were two travelers sleeping in a car. Rusty and I were alone with our thoughts, which suited me.

A cheerful old dude came up to Rusty and I earlier this week one evening at Boca Chica, on the public side of this fearsome fence and as he came with a large white dog, he called Angel, I held my little boy close as he was looking anxious. Rusty isn't keen still on meeting large dogs. The old man said his dog wouldn't react and it didn't even as Rusty snarled and reared back in fear. It's a struggle but I want Rusty to get used to being in the world and Angel was really sweet with him, and it was a good moment. The old guy was smiling happily. I'm going to be in the paper tomorrow, he said. I was interviewed by Mandy Miles he said. She'll do a good job, I said from my own experience. He got into his truck basking in the promise of his story being told, which as it turned out hinged on his refusal to invite Jimmy Buffett to a dock party he threw in the 1970s. A sweet story but the newspaper also pointed out, almost in passing that he will be thrown out of his home next week and as he waits for divine guidance he is just another lost soul gentrified out of the Keys.

On the beech Rusty found a bone and dug in. I sat on the tree trunk nearby and waited for him to finish, fiddling with my iPhone camera.

This was the product of the pause.

I surprise myself sometimes as I look back over the years I have lived in the Keys and the fact remains the islands still offer vistas that compel me to walk amongs them. I do miss hills, I miss perspectives from above, I wonder what these places would look like with rivers and valleys and shadows but this is what is my backyard:

I greatly enjoy the bright light of the sun over the Florida Keys. The sunrise hitting the clouds produces a black shadow at ground level.

My wife and I are preparing for a three week road trip to parts far north. Places with varied terrain and varied weather and crowds of people and mountains and all that stuff.

I will miss these flat lands, the light, the heat, the sun.