Sunday, May 20, 2018


I got lucky with the weather Friday morning. I timed my arrival at West Summerland Key, above Bahia Honda with the sunrise on a  cloudy humid morning when the air seemed to make the most of the sunshine that penetrated those various layers of clouds.
Rusty was having fun running through the bushes and across that rare hillside which was formed here by Flagler's engineers building up their track (1911) to the bridge across the "Deep Bay." The modern road bridge (1982)  is much less dramatic and requires no piled up dirt to cross Bahia Honda:
The old bridge is falling apart and I was quite surprised to have my vantage point to myself. There was one other car in the parking lot and its occupant was snoring.
The tides also run strong through the bridge pilings:

Rusty decided he had energy to burn so he raced up and down in the dried and not so dry seaweed piled up along the shore:

I try not to worry about him falling off the seawall. He is a dog and needs his wild moments. So far he does well coming back to me only occasionally with a thorn scratch or a torn pad in his paw. It does him good to be a dog exploring out of sight and minding his own business.
For me it's a time to enjoy the scenery and to try to record it, though I am never given enough time or encouragement by my dog to contemplate using a tripod for stability. Luckily my Panasonic has excellent stability control.
The old rail bridge leading to Bahia Honda State Park.
I miss this mangrove bush. It used to look so vital and alive with all its leaves. Hurricane irma put paid to that:
As was before the storm, (sigh):
Storm or not the fishing goes on:
I can't help myself  it looked so much richer before Irma: