Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cheyenne At The Pool

Even though we live on Cudjoe three miles  away I bring Cheyenne to her old stomping grounds on Ramrod Key from time to time. If the mosquitoes and sand flies aren't impossible this is quite a pleasant spot to wander around and enjoy the serene views of water and mangroves.
If the dawn is still, and if it has rained recently make sure to apply repellent of industrial strength in industrial quantities.
This is where we can be found frequently, around dawn after I have had a long night at work.
Come here too often and Cheyenne gets bored,
But this place attracts people and their dogs in droves, which is too noisy and busy for Cheyenne (or for me), but they leave behind attractive scents my dog enjoys chasing down.

Twenty minutes or half an hour at the pool and she's ready to go home, eat breakfast and catch up on her sleep.
Me too.