Friday, March 6, 2015

Key West Architecture

We wrap up this busy week with a bunch of random pictures I took of Key West buildings. There is no theme or hidden meaning here. It's just a way to imagine yourself stepping out shortly after dawn (clocks move forward by an hour Sunday, by the way) onto a Key West street and glance back at your home, your palms, your white picket fence. Like this classic eyebrow home with an overhanging roof:





The Eden House hotel on Fleming Street, featured in the Goldie Hawn movie Criss Cross:

And this Mediterranean-looking entrance to one of my favorite restaurants, Azur, which is behind the Eden House:




Enjoy your weekend. My weekend will be spent huddling and writing for podcasts. For tomorrow I've put together an essay of a local ride on my old Vespa while Sunday I have reproduced an essay by a musician called Neil Peart of a band called Rush who loves commuting by motorcycle and makes every trip an adventure. It's a great read lovingly illustrated with pictures not of the Keys but beautiful nonetheless. I may have to learn to listen to his music, because his writing is inspirational. I hope he inspires you to find a way to enjoy your commute as he and I manage to!