Friday, October 9, 2015

By The Day's Early Light

For the first time in my life I am actively counting down the days till the end of the month which is going to be the day we switch back to standard time, known to some as winter time. Usually I really enjoy the dark mornings and the daylight later into the evening, but this year I am noticing my life is negatively affected by the early morning darkness. Check out a late morning walk on Whitehead, nice colors...
Cheyenne looks like she was stalking the wild roosters but she wasn't really. She only hunts prey that has been grilled fried or baked. Live animals are of no interest to her. The dark mornings have confused her too. She sleeps a lot more these days and early starts are no longer on the cards for a Labrador that is going on 15 years of age. She tends to restrict walks toe very other morning these days and after 45 minutes she's spent. But she makes the most of every moment she is outdoors.
It is now time to start looking forward to Fantasy Fest and the tourists and parties and money that will be flowing into the city. I don't think it's like it once was, because the down time when the city lies fallow seems shorter and shorter. Summer this year was as busy as winter and even into August there were crowds everywhere it felt like. Banner shave already gone up on Duval Street promising extra special viewing platforms for the Grand Parade (which I plan on watching this year. For once. Before I slink off to work). But the streets haven't yet caught up and we are enjoying a brief hiatus in the constant flow of humanity into town.
 Oops....there I go again...shadows and light.
At the Green Parrot the doors were closed and the bar was silent. You have to get there early to admire their outdoor artwork in peace...
 ...or to get the only free drink they offer:
 Southard Street was open to cannonballs, had I had one and fired it up the street at Duval no chickens would have been harmed. Or people either. I wouldn't shoot my Labrador.
The light reflecting on the front of Kojin the noodle shop on Southard Street. I ate there once and wondered where my money went. I eat Vietnamese food at Sister Noodle which is in a less fashionable part of town but I find to be of decent quality at good prices. Kojin gets lots of good reviews from people who know more about Vietnamese food than I do.
A used abandoned toilet in Key West is apparently viewed as a decorative motif for the restaurants near where it sits. 
Credit me with more than my share of initiative but I would probably move it to the dump before customers saw it. But there again it is a quiet time of the year. Perhaps not too many people will be around to be put off by it.