Thursday, September 22, 2016

Grinnell Street Pocket Park

The pocket parks developed around Key West have been a brilliant and successful innovation. In a own where living space tends to be cramped for most people the plan to turn former electrical utility power transformers into green spaces has worked beautifully.
This one is just up the street from Five Brothers Grocery which makes this a great spot for a picnic alongside the peace and quiet of the cemetery.
 There is seating available:
 And lots of shade that has grown up over the past half dozen years.
 It wasn't always a shady lawn that we see today which gave Rusty a break from the sun:
In Cheyenne's time the trees were much weedier and looked unlikely to become the canopy they are today. My Labrador was not much impressed by the place:

 I do remember the Charest-Weinberg art gallery on Upper Duval but I guess this is all that's left:

 There's no lack of trees no at Grinnell and Angela: