Friday, March 30, 2018

Truman Waterfront Construction

I do miss the open spaces left by the Navy when they handed over 34 acres of former base to the city almost two decades ago. Tomorrow Important People will be open a child's park at Truman Waterfront in a symbolic re-opening of the entire space which is still largely a construction site. Change has finally come and a new park is sort of appearing from the debris and planning that is currently Truman Waterfront. As was:
As  is:
The  Navy warehouse was supposed to be saved but it was ruled too decrepit and swept away in the changes that are clearing Truman Waterfront and turning it into a neatly clipped park:
There are green spaces appearing between the broad avenues paved across the land:
One has to acknowledge it never was terribly trimmed  during the interregnum when no one had plans for the space. I enjoyed walking my dogs around here.
I shall be interested to see what this all ends up looking like by the time they are done. There are no plans to open up the waterfront to join the park to the Margaritaville property. The Hilton (and then Westin) owners made n move to bridge the gap to help create a waterfront walk all across town. Now Jimmy Buffett owns the place now but still no sign of change there.
I suppose it was too much to hope there might be some whimsy left in the old open space. I found this picture from a long while ago of Cheyenne walking near the old Navy guard huts at the entrance to the military property:
And the performance space has opened much to the irritation of residents. And yet neither the noise nor the traffic seems as bad as the critics suggested they might  be. Who knows maybe this new fangled park might work out.
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I will miss the old unregulated open spaces but I am glad I enjoyed them while I could:
And the quirky illustrations of a way of life lost to Key West in the drive to be neat and clean and tidy: