Sunday, June 6, 2010

Craig's, Islamorada

When we had to go up the Keys to a meeting my wife had to attend in Islamorada we found ourselves with 40 minutes in hand and no idea what to do. "I'm hungry" I said and as I had agreed to chauffeur my wife to Mile Marker 89 she was morally unable to ignore my plea. We had no idea where to eat around here so we ducked into the first place we saw. Craig's, it was called. It didn't look particularly distinguished but it was cool and shaded inside and there was also shaded parking outside for Cheyenne in the car. My wife ordered stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer, ignoring my doubts. I love mushrooms and truffles, growing up as I did in Umbria, a part of the world where fungus is venerated. My sister curiously hates the stuff and she still lives there. For me olive oil, garlic and fresh mushrooms constitute the ideal side dish. However when it comes to commercially grown mushroom caps I have my doubts and then when you take the American penchant for overdoing it I figure no good can come of it. Well, I guess once again I was wrong. They actually tasted rather good, not greasy and not overblown. We ate three before I remembered the obligatory picture.They were good enough we might have to stop by again on our next Overseas Highway trip and check out the big yellow sign.Cheyenne and I took a pleasant walk together in the neighborhood, more on that later but I saw plenty to photograph.Silly me, I though the Church of Christ crowd were all biblical and talking in tongues but perhaps that's another sect with a different God because this lot didn't appear to be, one way and another.
Back down on Earth I was surprised to see a Marc House store though it was rather insular of me to be surprised. Marc used to stand for Monroe Association for Retarded Citizens which left them stuck with an image problem in the 21st Century so the acronym remains but has been amended to Monroe Association for ReMarcable Citizens. They are a heroic lot reminding the rest of us that just because this is a small community doesn't mean anyone has to get left behind. Rather the reverse.People ride bicycles in the Upper Keys too. Though this does look more like recreation than transport.
I too should have been riding to work off the caloric mushroom caps but I just took Cheyenne for a walk instead. Which is a story for another day.