Saturday, May 15, 2021

Conch Plaza

Key West has the great good fortune, possibly, to be endowed with fully four shopping centers in the modern suburban style. The smallest and newest anchor store is GFS, the acronym for Gordon Food Service.
I can't remember when this place showed up and hunting around the Internet and on my own page the earliest reference I could find was in 2008 when I said it opened "a few years ago..."  My, time flies! I guess this place has been around for at least 15 years. It's where restaurants ( and the public) go to get bulk supplies.
Like every other open space on the Boulevard you can get scooters and golf carts for rent.
And I find inexpensive clothing here too. Ordering online is as big a deal in the Keys as elsewhere I guess, and because we are connected by road delivery times are as fast here as anywhere else in Florida. This isn't Alaska, Puerto Rico or Hawaii, the great exceptions to overnight delivery options!
Jobs are still going begging in the Keys but the pandemic had the unfortunate effect of putting enough people over the financial edge they simply left the Keys and went elsewhere.
And after your low paid shift at Bealls deliver a few pizzas  to make an exorbitant rent. In dispatch we have 7 open positions out of 15 budgeted by the city.
Not so long ago, though I'm not sure now how long ago that was, Keys West had not a single Starbucks. We recently lost the cruise ship outlet on Front Street but the one on Duval at La Concha is in business and this one offers thoroughly modern drive though coffees.  
I can't resist an abstract pattern...
...or two...
Follow the sign for cheap food!