Monday, August 12, 2019

Things I See

After Broga I felt like a walk to cool down and I found myself, dogless and alone  pausing to look at things of interest to me and me alone. They didn't make motorcycles like that when I was a youth, all pointed and ugly but capable of all round performance I could never have imagined 50 years ago:
This was more my speed, a 100cc Kawasaki Scrambler with 1400 miles on the clock, some rust and flattish tires just ready to be put into service as a cool ride around town. I pined for it, memories of my youth, on Italian two strokes because I lived in Italy and these weren't imported but the principle of vintage riding remains the same. 
Truman Avenue leading me and everyone else out of town. If they felt like it.
And the big old Harley Davidson air box, classic and lovely and vibrating screws loose apparently.
I dislike free range chickens as noisy and messy as they are, but I do admire their style:
All you need to have style on two wheels in Key West: handle bars to air out your armpits, a decent lock to be deployed at all times and the all important cup holder.
I got barked at  but s/he was just bored and there was no great effort like there might have been had Rusty been along.
My powers of deduction tell me there is a pool behind the fence. Not that I know what to do with that information.
The towel by itself would be nothing special but the toothbrush?  It must have been a busy evening.
I am not fond of memes explaining the meaning of life but in this case I found them on cloth and for once I took the time to stop and read their platitudes.
I found exactly what I was looking for, a pace to stop a moment...
...and the view was very pleasant.
You might get the idea not to go down Olivia Street toward Duval. Don't rely on bicycles or tourists in cars to figure out one way streets. Always look both  ways.
Crumbling it may be but it's still home. In a town where costs are astronomical you keep on keeping on even as the house comes down around you. 
The Conch Tour trains are running as full as ever and they are an excellent way to get the lay of the land and hear some history in the 90 minute tour. But they do run slow and are an awful hold up.
Then back to the car and back home to a sleeping dog.
He had his long walk in the morning earlier.