Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Smathers Beach

I could take pictures like this most evenings when the sun is cooperating, around 5:30 when I am driving to work from the apartment where I am currently living at Salt Ponds. I avoid North Roosevelt as much as I can and it's easy when all it takes is a right turn out of the complex and there is a mile of unobstructed water views. Park and shoot (with the telephoto on the big camera)!
These I took from the Bridle Path, that stretch of grass sand and palms that runs alongside South Roosevelt Boulevard and got it's name form the horses they used to exercise there. 
I have to confess these are cheap shots as I can take them from the driver's  seat without having to commit one more act of daily struggle, getting out, assembling the walker and plodding around at the end of a long day of stumping around.  So I sit in the car like a tool and shoot duck in a barrel. 
The effect is pleasing and the camera does the work. Lucky me.

It's actually so embarrassingly easy to get these pictures I remembered I'd taken some a couple of weeks ago:

I'd need to leave the house a good bit earlier to stump across South Roosevelt and stand at the seawall. Perhaps I need to do that to complete the collection of alternative sunset pictures.