Sunday, March 18, 2018

Key West

I posted this picture on Instagram describing it, accurately I think as a saw tooth home. The additions get their roofs shaped to a point to add to the water catchment properties from the days when the city (before World War Two) relied on rain for it's water.
I saw this electric bike in a box and it caused me to recognize that electric bicycles are everywhere in Key West these days and they look very good indeed. Many of them you can hardly tell as the days of clunky motors and huge batteries are fading fast. I see people speeding down North Roosevelt in the face of a strong headwind and I hope they know how lucky they are. It's not an easy ride under pedal power, cycling to Stock Island against an east wind. I predict these will soon replace scooters almost entirely around town.
I saw this display on a porch and the caption "winter gardening" sprang into my head. The weather this past week has been cold at night, less than 60 degrees (15 Canadian) but sunny and crips by day.
 I am always aware of the dog.
Bikers biking in cold Keys weather. Lots of leather and bandanas but no helmets, ideal for warmth of course.
 No idea where this is from but it struck me as funny:
My beloved in the alley behind the Chevron gas station.
The reason for the lovely walk in the first place.