Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finnegans Wake

There are three Irish pubs in Key West, and of the three I end up at Finnegans most often. I like the dark wood interior and limited number of gruesome TVs dangling off the ceiling.

I've been to Shanna Key on Flagler, and it was fine, but I've never been to Bogart's, now McConnells on Duval Street. Why? I dunno, but I like this place. So I keep coming back to Finnegan's Wake.

James Joyce's Finnegans Wake was apostrophe free, unlike this pub, but I doubt anyone notices. Fred and I both ordered bangers and mash, Irish-American style...lots of food.

Sausages and mashed potatoes are fine but they need the proper accompaniment to go down right. On hard core days I like Guinness, if I'm in the mood for tough love I take Smithwick's and when I'm with Fred we sink Boddington's by the pint, a smooth gentle beer with a lovely creamy head.

Fred needed the food to recover from the night before, a long story that ended with Fred and his buddy taking two strippers to Denny's for breakfast at dawn, and some other details best left under the rock.

Finnegans is a good place to sit of an afternoon and waste some time in good conversation. If you have a friend and need to talk go to Finnegans, on Grinnell at James Streets.

It's a meaty sort of place (with a some quite decent vegetarian offerings if you're weird). And the beer's not bad.

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