Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Duval Bikes

The end of 2008 looks to have been good for Key West financially. I don't know what the numbers will end up looking like, but the city was packed in the run up to New Year's and beyond, though things seem a little calmer now. Highway One saw long lines of cars heading south, trucks, cars, RVs all loaded one hopes with lots of spending money. The result was crowded sidewalks on Duval at the beginning of 2009. Normally I am not a fan of a crowded Duval Street, but perhaps my sojourn in the frigid north put me in a frame of mind to appreciate the light and color of Duval filled with people. And bicycles.Basically I stood at the intersections between Eaton and Southard Streets and clicked my pocket Canon SX100 camera.And there they were, bicycles in motion and not. Riders riding and everyone enjoying relaxed locomotion in a city suddenly filled with cars:As I strolled I caught shots of people not only riding, but locking......unlocking......window shopping......and quite possibly hauling their loot home:Baskets, unglamorous and functional are popular in a city where bicycles are more than a hobby:Not everyone rides for utility though. I've seen a few of these low riders around, and I'm still trying to figure wherein lies the pleasure of riding with your backside scraping the ground.A fancy paint job anyone understands:Any way you look at them, as useful or decorative bicycles just look right in downtown Key West:
Bicycles for all, on Duval Street.