Sunday, October 25, 2015

AIMExpo 2015 Orlando

A gorgeous vintage display from the Mitzel Collection of Mandan, North Dakota. I loved these Japanese survivors at the show.




The excellent Motus all American Sport Tourer, built in Birmingham, Alabama. All that's separating me from it is thirty thousand bucks.

I thought I might like the Indian Scout but it was uncomfortable for me. I was surprised.

The Indian Dark Horse was sublime.

I was even more surprised I loved it.

The Vintage Chief is prettier but the Dark Horse would be easier to live with with no chrome or leather to worry about getting rusty or wet.

Nope, I like this one. I think I might go to Orlando this winter and rent one for some fun on Highway 17. Harley Davidson wasn't at the show at all.

Never thought I'd go for a cruiser! Back to regular programming.

Night, night Ninja helmets!

Trust, but be on the safe side:

Not all motorcycles, these things are popular:

Hard core touring: